June 13, 2009

Safari 4 == Safari 4x crash a day?

I've been using Safari 4 beta for a couple of weeks ever since I found out it supported Apple's Java 6 'update 10' developer preview. As a JavaFX developer this has been an important improvement we've been waiting for since last year's JavaOne.
Since I'm mostely a Firefox user for all it's great plugins, I wasn't thinking about switching to another browser anytime soon. But after using Safari 4 beta for a while I was pleased with the speed, stability and CPU & MEM consumption, the latter is an area where Firefox has some huge issues.
So since a few weeks I've ditched Firefox and converted to Safari, and it has been great... until yesterday when Safari 4 has been updated to the final version. It has already crashed 4 times today, while just browsing GMail, blogs, etc... Safari 4 beta never crashed...


  1. Don't worry, Firefox 3 crashes a few times a day for me.. and it's more than 3 :(

  2. FF3 allmost never crashes here, my sole complaint is it's memory usage (270MB atm with 8 tabs open), and a constant 20% CPU usage. I would suspect an idle browser not to use more than 2x the cycles iTunes needs (8%) when decoding MP3/AAC. This on a 2.4Ghz C2D MBP.