October 24, 2010

BeJUG Distributed Versioning Tools in practice

Last week Louis Jacomet and myself presented Distributed Version Tools in practice at BeJUG, we talked about the differences between the classic centralized versioning systems (CVS, SVN, ...) versus the modern distributed ones, next we compared GIT and Mercurial feature-wise and discussed new development workflows that DVCSes bring to the table.
We were lucky to have a very vocal audience, they've asked many interesting questions and gave great feedback. I was impressed by the number of people already experimenting with or wanting to move to GIT or Mercurial from SVN, clearly the dominant versioning system in used by the attendees. Someone wondered if in a team GIT and HG could be used together, while we didn't have an answer at the time, I can now confirm that a Mercurial extension to talk to GIT exists: http://hg-git.github.com/ 
We hope you all had an interesting evening, if you're looking for some reference material or couldn't attend the session, here are the slides: