March 24, 2008

Compiled JavaFX plugin for Netbeans

Friday the Netbeans JavaFX plugin team released daily public builds of the JavaFX plugin for Compiled JavaFX script.

You'll need the latest Netbeans 6.1 beta daily build to get it up and running.

Then download the daily JavaFX plugin archive (ZIP or TGZ) from their Hudson build server.
  • Install Netbeans as usual.
  • Modify the Netbeans config file under [netbeans-install-dir]/etc/netbeans.conf and include the -J-da option inside the quotes for parameter: netbeans_default_options If you don't the JavaFX compiler won't work because of a bug
  • Unpack the JavaFX plugin archive
  • Start Netbeans, go to Tools > Plugins > Download
  • Click add plugins...
  • Select the .NBM files you unpacked from the plugin archive
Optionally you can choose to use your own versions of the JavaFX Compiler libraries if you build your own version from SVN repository for example.
  • In Netbeans go to Tools > Libraries
  • Select JavaFXUserLib
  • Modify the provided javafxc.jar, javafxrt.jar and Scenario.jar with the ones you prefer
That's it, now you can enjoy (for now): syntax highlighting and compiling JavaFX script from Netbeans. If you want to keep posted on this plugin send an empty mail to their mailing list

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